1. Black Pastel

The BLACK PASTEL is a Co-dominate color and pattern genetic mutation meaning that when bred to a normal, half the offspring will be Black Pastels and the rest are completely normal balls unlike Simple Recessive traits which produce normal appearing babies that are carriers of that mutations DNA. Their black in color with tan/brown teardrop shaped side patterning that can be connected or individual. They also can be semi striped and have clear white bellys. Black Pastels can be considered "visual hets" for Super Black Pastel due to the fact that when two Black Pastels are bred together u make an extreme version.The SUPER BLACK PASTEL is a completely patternless black snake with a patternless stomach. The Black Pastel is a valuable mutation to have in your collection as its an important ingredient to several combos like PEWTERS, STERLINGS and SILVER BULLETS just to name a few!

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